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  Gallery Featured Items - Mother of Auction Site Invention 

Necessity is the mother of invention. While the concept of online auctions has been with us for a while now, the necessity to improve on the seller's and buyer's experience has grown.

Online auctions have become a major source of income for Americans who may, for whatever reason, need to supplement or replace income in their household.

Many recognized "name brand" online auction sites developed nicely over the years, but so did their fees. Separate fees for everything sprang up, even though the other auction sites advertised "listing is FREE". It turned out that FREE came at an unusually high price at the end of the month.

Excessive fees aren't the only problem that needs a solution.

Beginning Auction Seller Item Listing Limitations

Sellers often find that other well-known auction sites put limits on their ability to list more than a small number of items per month for a "beginners" period of 3 months or more. This type of limitation is ludicrous. Sellers should be supported - not suppressed.

Take the example of a man that spends 4 of his hard-earned weekends off clearing out his garage, in hopes of posting all of the items up for auction to recoup some the investment in those items. He researches prices, writes descriptions, develops a feel for appropriate pricing, examines items for condition, and starts to post on one of the top auciton sites on the internet. He has hundreds of items to post. He spends 3 days getting used to the auction system, taking pictures, cropping item photos, cataloging items, and marking inventory. It is a long process. After 2 days getting into a "rhythm", he's set high goals for posting many more items the 3rd day and BAM! He hits the "new seller" ceiling.

The site informs him that he can no longer post any more items for 30 days so they "can evaluate how well" the seller responds to the sales system, transaction, and to customers.

Our opinion at about this new seller listing "ceiling"  is that such a restriction on new sellers is both insulting and inhibiting. When you have hundreds of items to list and are depending on the income from those sales for whatever reason, you should not be penalized just for being a "new seller". This practice is both harmful and detrimental to the buyers as well as the sellers and their auction site experience.

After many successful years as an auctioneer, Chris went on to became one of the first "Power Sellers" online but was continually frustrated and dissatisfied with the established online auctions because they seemed so intent on injecting themselves into each and every transaction making things difficult, awkward, and very expensive.

No Surprises - NO Hidden Fees With

Some years ago, a friend lost their job. Their idea to make ends meet while applying for jobs was to strive to be a "Top Seller" on a popular auction site. They spent over a week getting ready and started to post auction items based on the auction site advertisement that listing up to 100 items for auction was free.

 If you are okay with being a victim of mincing words, being blind-sided, and lies by omission, then you wouldn't be upset with being charged nearly $50.00 for only ONE MONTH of limited auction activity based on hidden auction fees that were advertised as FREE.

This type of hidden-fee activity is UNACCEPTABLE.

Sell as many items as you want under your account on for only $7.00 a month. Contact sellers. Drive them to your items to sell. That is what we want to facilitate. want to facilitate your ability to sell as much as you can with absolutely NO hidden fees what-so-ever. You pay $7.00 per month and use our great features to sell and sell BIG. No holds barred.

Auctions End With Each Of Your Celebration Sales!

Do you know what percentage we take out of your final sales price when you sell each item?

ZERO Percent.

We repeat: We do not take a single penny in "final sales fees" from you EVER.

Have a car for sale? Open a $7.00 / month account and enjoy every single penny you earn from your sale when it closes.  Sell 10 cars. You still only pay us $7.00 per month. List 127 items: pay us only $7.00 a month.

Sure - Some Add-Ons Offered, But You Choose Whether You Want Them Or Not

If you want to open your own auction store - we have that available. If you want to enhance your listing with some listing perks such as "Featured Auction" or video uploads, we have those options. 

If you don't want any extras, you do not have to use them. The choice is yours and the basic, full service price to use Auction sales is still only $7.00 / month. 

Fair Online Auction Practices

Besides being fair for sellers, we want our approach to be fair for buyers as well. If we can make your buyers happier, then they will enjoy their buying experience with YOU!

One of the things we focused on was making sure that you could list as many of your items for sale as possible. As discussed earlier, we feel that the more items you can present to your potential customers without going through a ridiculous "limit" or listing "ceiling" period, the more satisfied shoppers will be. They will be exposed to a lot more items that you are eager to present to them.

In addition, we do not like "Ambush Bids" so prevalent on many auction sites. As you probably know, many auction sites allow buyers to wait until the last 1 or 2 seconds before entering their "final" bid. You can have several buyers waiting to submit their bids, waiting to ambush the auction to get the lowest or last bid in. In actuality, there can be many bidders waiting to bid until the last seconds while the auction will show "0" (zero) bids on an item until the last few seconds - then 5 or 10 will flood in. Bidders try this tactic to jump in at the last minute or not drive the price up previous to the final sale amount, hoping to get the item at the lowest available price.

We do not cater to Ambush Bidding. If activity is submitting on an auction within the last minute or two even down to the last second, a bidding extension of time will automatically kick in. This adds time to the auction in order for buyers to be able to participate in the auction in a fair, real-time auction-type setting.

Buyers appreciate being treated fairly and will return to fair auctions regularly!

It's that simple!

Open your account immediately - and start selling right now!

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BIGFISH GAMES! Play for FREE! Thousands of games to choose from - TRY IT...
BIGFISH GAMES! Play for FREE! Thousands of games to choose from - TRY IT...
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